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J. B. United’s story began in the early 90s, when Jimmy Bhanushali, then a promoter of M/s. Pinaq Projects Pvt. Ltd. saw potential opportunities in the real estate sector in Shahapur, near the Mumbai suburbs.

Development began with a project of a mere 1,75,000 sq. ft. near Asangaon Station. The interest generated by the success of this first project led to several companies pooling their resources in the company’s subsequent ongoing projects. In just two decades, we have developed more than 10 million sq. ft. of land and plans are underway for the development of a further 14 million sq. ft in the next five years. The companies under J. B. United have already seen an average growth of 30% per year. The prestigious landmarks built by the group are proof of the dedication, professionalism and vision of the management, and have turned the group into a synonym for excellence, quality and trust in the Shahapur, Thane District.

In 2010 we began diversifying our investments into various sectors like naturopathy, corporate agriculture, renewable energy and technology, and in 2014 the pooling companies came together as one group under a single umbrella, now known as J. B. United.

Pioneering & Leadership

J. B. United is the leading real estate and development company in Asangaon East, Thane District, Maharashtra, serving as a pioneer for every other real estate company in the area. Their tremendous contribution in the overall development of Asangaon, turning the small, rural area into a growing town has made them a prime example of leadership, quality and progressive thinking. Since its inception, the group has strived to set standards of excellence in both development and lifestyle that are recognised as the first of their kind in the area.

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