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Our vision is for a peaceful, safe, healthy and progressive community that fosters a respect for nature and lives in harmony with the environment.


  • Real Estate - To build safe, peaceful and spacious homes to global standards, thus improving lifestyles and standards of living.
  • Organic Farming - To promote natural organic food for healthier life.
  • Meditation & Naturopathy - To promote healthy lifestyles via natural prevention and cure while steering lives closer to nature.
  • Renewable Energy- To inspire, educate, and assist future generations in achieving energy independence while reducing energy utilisation and stabilising company costs.


  • Care and respect for employees
  • Faithful and transparent relations with investors
  • Social welfare and giving back to society
  • Preserving and nurturing nature and the environment
  • Keep people safe and healthy while minimising impact on the environment


  • Treat others with respect
  • Operate with honesty and integrity
  • Do not look for blame either inside or outside of the team
  • Always take the time to listen to the opinions of others
  • Focus on solutions, not problems
  • Deal with facts rather than assumptions
  • Know when to ask for support, and don't be afraid to do so
  • Never ask others to do something that you wouldn't do yourself
  • Operate an open door and open mind policy
  • Use face to face communication whenever possible
  • Be collectively accountable for the success of the team

Company policies

Corporate Environment Policy
Corporate Sustainability Policy
Corporate Customer Service Policy

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